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Updated April 18.

【All Classes】
● Updated air attack detection.
● Implemented additional battle stats based on battle score.

● Fixed absolute skill stats.

● Fixed learning absolute skills.
● Fixed absolute skill stats.
● Fixed “Flow: Gorr Roll”.

【Life Skills】
● Reduced tons of collectible object re-spawn times by 50%.

● Fixed “200%” display trading prices on notifications. Should have been 100%.

● Fixed “[Event] High-Quality Draught Box” item box.
● Fixed “[미스틱] 플로리 의상 세트” ([Mystic] Florian Set) item box.

● Fixed farming crash.
● Battle score will now be capped at 999.
● Battle score formula will no longer divide AP if no awakening weapon present.

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Good Morning OgreFest community!
Today we have performed a huge step forward and we are continuously working on future updates as of today. We are providing the patch notes for today’s, March 1st update. Please refer to the following for the details of the update.

● Game Client has been updated to the latest version of the game.
● Geometry has been updated to the latest version of the game.
● 40% increased Combat and Skill EXP rates
● 20% increased Drop rates
● 20% increased Fishing, Boxes rates
● 25% increased Life Profession, Exploration and character development rates.
● 1200% increased horse leveling up rates.
● Rates are currently being monitored and shall be tweaked as the time goes on.
● Default character slot limit has been increased to 16.
● Maximum Character slot limit has been increased to 32.

● Implemented error checking for dead AI.
● Implemented proper attack distance checking (Kzarka won’t hit a mile away).
● Implemented experience bonus for killing monsters at night.
● Implemented AI rotation to target.
● Implemented Monster attack area target detection.
● Improved Monster AI latency.
● Improved Monster AI movement engine.
● Improved Monster AI target selection.
● Fixed bonus damage for monsters at night.
● Fixed weird case where some monsters would not despawn after killed.
● Fixed improper Heilang logic and movement bugs.
● Fixed Monster AI deadzone.
● Rebalanced combat and skill experience gained from monsters.
● Rebalanced all monster damage, defense and resistance.

【All Classes】
● Class Balance has been updated to latest version of the game.
● Implemented projectile target detection.
● Implemented projectile damage scaling based on owner AP.
● Implemented proper accuracy formula.
● Implemented proper damage formula.
● Implemented proper damage scaling beyond certain point of AP against monsters.
● Implemented additional evasion attributes within specific actions.
● Implemented additional damage reduction attributes within specific actions.
● Implemented additional per-skill-basis accuracy.
● Implemented additional passive skill stats.
● Implemented skill awakening (Jin skills).
● Implemented basic support for skill fusion (auto-learn).
● Fixed incorrect damage reduction calculation.
● Fixed incorrectly applied tribe damage attributes.
● Fixed incorrectly applied critical damage.
● Fixed incorrectly applied conditional attack bonus damage.
● Tweaked Crowd Control skills.
● Tweaked aggro penalty when a player dies against a monster.
● Optimized accuracy calculation.
● Optimized damage dice calculation.

● Implemented Blood Call toggle.

【Dark Knight】
● Fixed Dark Rose damage.
● Implemented Vedirs Dogma toggle.

● Implemented Heilang damage scaling based on owner AP.
● Fixed Heilang AoE target selection.

● Implemented Martial Spirit toggle.

● New class has been added.
● Class awakening is now available!

● New class has been added.
● Class awakening is now available!

【Game Launcher】
● Implemented logout feature.
● Implemented settings reset.
● Implemented downloader error reporting.
● Implemented BitTyrant download algorithm.
● Implemented new torrent routing tables.
● Implemented torrent upload speed display.
● Implemented torrent connected seeders display.
● Settings: 50 KB/s download and upload options have been integrated.
● Troubleshooting: Implemented cache clearing.
● Troubleshooting: Implemented ability to fix “Access Denied” (downloader).
● Troubleshooting: Implemented ability to remove game logs.
● Fixed a bug where launcher would not provide any logging information.
● Fixed a bug where download system sometimes would not exit cleanly.
● Fixed a bug where download system would try to map to bad ports (port forwarding).
● Fixed a bug where download system would fail to report correct download speed.
● Fixed a bug where download system would fail to report notifications.
● Fixed a bug where launcher would fail to exchange the torrent with other peers.
● Fixed a bug where launcher might pause the download.
● Fixed a bug where launcher would not connect to download servers properly.
● Fixed performance warning where incorrect download and upload limits were set.

● Implemented proper world boss item distribution.
● Implemented proper field boss and scroll boss item distribution.
● Implemented easy, medium and hard enchant rates.
● Implemented proper fail stack logic.
● Implemented pearl box (16 Pearls) drop for PvE, Life Skilling and Questing.
● Implemented equipment additional stats like Horse Experience 20%.
● Implemented new view skill set UI.
● Fixed a bug where players would not start with items equipped.
● Fixed a bug where not all item piece effects would be applied.
● Fixed item effects for items like Value Pack, Mervs and Customization.
● Fixed infinite HP glitch.
● Populated missing field boss loot drops.
● Populated missing data for cash shop costumes such as Luck bonus.
● Reduced boss bundle gear drop significantly.
● Tweaked accessory enchant rates.

【Cash Shop】
● Cash Shop has been updated to the latest version of the game.
● Implemented basic Value Pack.

● Implemented cautious, normal and agile pet looting types.
● You may now have 5 pets out instead of 4.
● Implemented correct pet hunger logic.

● Implemented Tier 9 horses.
● Now you will be able to take out Miniature Elephants.
● Fixed horse marketplace when submitting a high tier horse and prices would show bugged.

● Added many new quests and challenges.
● Fixed some existing bugs during questing.

● Implemented new ranking display.
● Reworked pearl reward system, you will gain 8 Pearls directly to your inventory instead of mail with pearl box.
● If a player dies, thee shall lose small percentage of total damage dealt to a target (affects World Boss).
● Fixed a bug where death chat message would not show correct names when a player dies.
● Fixed a bug where drying and thinning options would be disabled.
● Fixed a bug where summoned monster would not trigger quest conditions nor loot if the owner dies (Pila Fe).
● Populated Schultz monster area.
● Populated Kamasylvia Part 1.
● Populated Kamasylvia Part 2.

● Fixed collection tools that don`t require endurance.
● Fixed worker repeat function. Now you will be able to set it to 50,000 tasks.

● Implemented proper ban messages.
● Corrected “Cryptogram Null” message when authenticating.
● Reworked ban system. Bans will no longer be permanent, but rather punishable for a certain reason.

● Added two new channels: Chinese; French.
● Removed automatically joining a channel in 15 minutes.
● Removed “/weather” command.
● Fixed a bug where a sanction would not be active during the period.
● Family will be sent a notice if it has not joined a channel (Level 15, 30 and 45).
● Family will automatically join default channel on Level 50.

● Pearls have been wiped.
● Premium effects have been wiped.
● Implemented periodic server restarter.
● Implemented client reconnect if client loses connection.
● Implemented donation system.
● Implemented ability to connect to server during restart, but not last 60 seconds of it.
● Implemented prevention of undefined behavior when logging out.
● Optimized networking efficiency and latency for higher concurrency.
● Heuristic optimizations.

We hope to see you in OgreFest and have fun!
Thank you!

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Good Morning OgreFest community!
Today we have performed a maintenance to include the brand new content known as Drieghan. The downloadable patch will contain a pre-load for this content and the release date will be announced in the future. We are providing the patch notes for today’s maintenance, please refer to the following for the details of the update.

This weeks patch is estimated to be 8 GB.

● Drieghan content pre-load is now available to download from the launcher.
● Updated English translations.
● Added Russian translations you can download from here: download ! Other translations will be available in the future as well.

【All Classes】
● Accuracy deduction for lower level players vs higher level monsters will now be far more aggressive.
● Implemented a feature that prevents a player from being consistently killed at nodes. The player will be granted 30 second immune time to escape the attacker, but if player attacks during that time it’s immunity will be removed.
● Implemented basic support for grab skills and/or skills that attach to other characters [WIP].

● Fixed a bug where certain quest tokens could be dropped due to death.
● Fixed a bug where marketplace would require for trade password.
● Fixed a bug where weight would not be synchronized with the client properly.
● The weight of trash loot that monsters in Balenos/Serendia/Calpheon has decreased to 0.01 LT.
● Implemented kamasilve warehouse.

【Pearl Shop】
● Mystic: Sprint Blossom Outfit Set / Heidel Masquerade Outfit Set
● Lahn: Sprint Blossom Outfit Set / Heidel Masquerade Outfit Set / Karlsetin Weapon & Outfit Set.

● Horses may now be killed by monsters if there is no rider.
● Implemented an experimental fix to prevent mounts with no rider from being prevented to be mounted.

● From now on all GM characters will have a green color displayed in chat when talking.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes some characters would not be removed from the world after death.
● Added chat message when the server is scheduled for automatic restart.

● Fixed a bug where sometimes when crafting from houses worker would get stuck.

● Fixed a bug where some players would crash when coming from official server with bad_module_info or after black screen.

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Updated April 7.

● Generic algorithm optimizations.
● Implemented boss timers. You can find them under the Map near worker list.

alt text

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@niyix Yep, Just tried it out now, the only thing I could complain is that too many monsters tag on me and die afterwards.

@Taj Well, I think we could add a limit for lower levels and remove it at level 56 or so, since players after awakening are generally stronger.

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Updated 2018 March 7

【Monster AI】
● Monsters will no longer grant experience, loot, knowledge, titles when being despawned by the AI.
● Monster knowledge excluding field boss monsters can now be upgraded.
● Players that participated in a boss fight will now be correctly awarded with additional loot drop.

【All Classes】
● Players will now deal 25% more damage to all monsters.

● Increased chances to get a Pearl Box.
● Increased enchant rates by a little.
● Fixed “Serendian Soldier Costume Box” for Lahn/Mystic/Striker.
● All world bosses will now drop Hard/Sharp Black Crystal Shards.

● Fixed quick slot skill exploit.
● Fixed wizard awakening.
● Fixed a bug where certain skills could be removed by skill reset that should have not been able to.

● From now on all repeatable quest timers will be reset at correct times instead of the next day when you completed the quest. Server time is PDT.

● Removed bulk of spawns around Lake Kaia for Qoobe quest.

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【Updated March 17】
● Applied experimental fix for falling player detection.
● Fixed a bug where AI would crash due to synchronization.
● Fixed a bug where where you could not complete a worker task with “Complete Now” option.
● Fixed gear score calculation for Red Battlefield.
● Fixed Red Battlefield score in Ranking.
● Removed waiting time for Nouver spawn.
● Fixed possible issue where AI would freeze after certain amount of time or certain action (for example: Nouver).
● Implemented experimental mitigation for monsters that start another action before they have completed what they have started (for example Nouver) [WIP].
● Increased horse skill learning by 200%.
● Fixed reform stones for Lahn.

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Good Evening community!
Today we have performed a maintenance to update to the most latest game client from Korean version. Most of the new features will come in future patches and we will use this version as our base. Please refer to the following details of the update in todays maintenance.

This weeks patch is estimated to be 4.3 GB.

● Updated client to 2024 KR.
● Fixed some missing translations (that are available on EU/NA but not on OgreFest).
● Temporarily disabled Cash Shop translations due to graphical glitches in client. Will be fixed in later upcoming minor patch.
● Implemented heartbeat for character creation.

Important!! As of this patch we are no longer using LanguageData_KR.loc but rather LanguageData_EN.loc; If you are using your own langauge patch, please rename it accordingly, furthermore due to some optimizations made to kill memory leaks server might need to be restarted few times to fix the error.

● Removed hard-coded client chat filter.

【All Classes】
● Fixed a bug where some skill addons would apply buffs to self instead of target.

● Fixed learning Absolute skills.

● Fixed guild notices and description.

● Fixed crash when buying items from a trade manager.
● Fixed overpriced items displayed while selling.

● Fixed buying workers from <Worker Exchange>.

● Players can no longer use /rescue in <Battle Arena>.
● Fixed <Battle Arena> entrance/exit.
● Fixed pet hunger level display.
● Fixed growth ranking display.
● Fixed red battlefield ranking display.
● Fixed some internal issues when checking disconnected player target.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes client would fail to recognize a party when user relogs.
● Fixed a bug where sometimes a player would not be disconnected, even if forced to.
● Implemented temporary fix for already connected characters.
● Implemented gear score calculation, it will be calculated as (Total AP / 2) + Total DP (Buffs nor set effects will not affect total AP).
● Improved Red Battlefield team balancing.
● Improved fall damage height detection.
● Improved out of range actor detection.
● Optimized network packet distribution for actor movement.

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alt text

Good Morning OgreFest Community!
Today we have performed a maintenance to update to the most latest game client from Korean version. The update was mainly focused around translations and future patches will also be posted here as they come. We would like to focus on class balancing for next few weeks as well. Please keep in mind that we are currently using old version of crowd-control system and not the new one from Korean version at this time. Please refer to the following for update details.

This weeks patch is estimated to be 3.6 GB.

● Updated Game Client to 2047 KR.
● Improved game client download system reliability.

● Translated 50% of challenges.
● Updated English translations.
● Implemented new translations: French (download here), German (download here), Russian (download here), Taiwan (download here).
※ Because that different languages require different font, some languages do break Korean translations therefore if you notice weird symbols or no Hangul (Korean language) symbols keep in mind that the font does not support them.

【All Classes】
● Air Attack damage multiplier has been reduced from x2.5 to x2.0
● Fixed incorrect air attack conditions.

● Implemented experience gaining from selling trade items.
● Fixed bad shop prices when selling to trade manager.
● Implemented item sell price decrease if item expired.

● Implemented Stable/Docks expansion coupons.
● Fixed opening wood furniture sets like “Winter wood furniture Set A or B”.

● Fixed a bug where Valks’ Cry Chance Increase would not be displayed correctly after login.
● Fixed Arena of Arsha’s player teams after being re-assigned to different location.
● Fixed red battlefield ranking display.

We hope to see you in OgreFest and have fun!
Thank you!

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Updated May 12th.

【All Classes】
● Damage in Awakening form will now also be influenced by main weapon attack damage.
● Air Attack damage has been adjusted to only apply whenever a player is being sent into air rather than being in air.
● Fixed all skills with HP/MP recovery per hit.

● Updated item stats (Attack / Damage Reduction / Accuracy / Evasion) to latest version of the game.
● Corrected yesterdays update where items would have maximum stats.
● Fixed gear score calculation.

● Implemented Kamasilvia town storage.
● Implemented Karma reduction based on targets gear score and level.
● Karma gain rates have been reduced by 1.5x.
● Internal damage optimizations.

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Updated May 22nd.

【Monster AI】
● Implemented target animation stance detection.

● Implemented teleportation to Criminal Camp if player has negative karma in Valencia.
● Reduced gear score karma difference by 5%.

In Progress:
● Implementing Guild War basic support.
● Implementing Maids.
● Implementing Fairy.

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Updated May 31st.

【Monster AI】
● Fixed possible server crash.
● Fixed possibly stuck monsters from quests such as Saunil Siege Captain, Org The Greedy, Lahn boss and many other bosses.

● Fixed system message when not enough energy for guild promotion.

● Fixed storage maid warehouse display.

● Drieghan to be added next week as a development region, as many data is missing, we would like to develop it over-time without slicing content for development.
● Guild Wars are scheduled to be added next week alongside a client update.

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I would like to share a consolidated list of issues that might have occurred to users during or after the update of March 1st. Please refer to the following for more information.

Q: I get “bad_module_info” when starting OgreFest.
A: Please copy “LanguageData_KR.loc” to “LanguageData_EN.loc” (this file can be found in “ads” directory in your game installation) and run the game once again. This might have happened because you used a custom English patch or some settings did not transfer over correctly. Another way to fix this issue would be to delete “Black Desert” directory from “My Documents”, but please be aware to save your customization files before doing so.

Q: I get an error that the launcher is already open when installing the new launcher update.
A: Open task manager and kill an application called “CrimsonDesertLauncher.exe” and click retry in the installer.

Q: I get “access denied” when downloading from the launcher.
A: You would need to uncheck read-only for the directory you are currently downloading to via windows settings otherwise you can click “Settings” and “Fix Access Denied” button in the launcher and that should work.

Q: What is the new Pearl System?
A: You currently obtain 8 pearls per 30 minutes and a rare drop from participating in the game: Pearl Box (16 Pearls).

Q: The launcher is downloading really slow!
A: It means that there are currently too many people downloading the game at once, so you would need to wait until a download slot for you is reserved on our CDN servers.

Q: I cannot start the download because it says that some module cannot be loaded and I should contact the admin!
A: Please re-install the Microsoft VCRedist libraries because they are corrupted.

This guide will be updated as more information has arrived.

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【Updated 2018 March 3】
● Fixed multiple missing NPC’s for quests: Legendary Fighters; Towards the Northern Wheat Plantation…; A Real Adventure; Worthy Opponent.
● Fixed an issue where some monsters would dodge all attacks.
● Fixed a problem related to being unable to finish quests related to the summoning of bosses
● Fixed red battlefield top player amount display.
● Fixed wealth ranking display.
● Player rankings will now update more frequently.
● Fixed character expansion coupon.
● Fixed Fierce Fighting Spirit Stone for General’s items.
● Fixed giving items to certain NPC’s.
● Fixed visual bug of displaying critical in player menu.
● Fixed box for opening a costume “[란] 호접란 무기, 의상 세트”.
● Fixed crash when accessing some warehouses in houses.
● Greatly reduced World Boss health.
● Workers will now bring correct amount of resources from nodes.

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【Updated 2018 March 4】
● Increased enchant rates.
● Fixed a bug where costumes would not be shown to other players.
● Fixed absolute skills for Musa and Maehwa.

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That’s actually something we have to consider, but we are still thinking about the methods we are going to take.

Currently we have implemented that you will not lose karma when you attack a red player -> this counters red players at world boss as some are afraid to kill the red player because he/she will lose karma.

We have thought about making the Jail not desert-only but global and by doing labor work the player would be able to go back to 0 karma and start over.

The current idea with pearl shop / npc is something that players would consider “p2w” form few aspects also please keep in mind that we can modify the UI to the minimum right now.

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Updated April 4th.

● Fixed durability enchant exploit.
● Fixed value pack inventory slot exploit.
● Fixed a bug where you would not be able to take out items from locked inventory slots.
● Fixed a bug where effects would not be removed when character is logged out.

● Fixed member slot exploit.

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This topic will be locked as it seems it started evolving into drama which is against our terms of service.

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The issue was identified and will be fixed on next restart.

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It seems that rather the quest has been removed from last versions of the game, so they are only available to exchange. However, we have alternative solutions to make this quest work in a different manner.

We are still performing the investigation and if by any means we did not find a way to fix it via retail client, we will fix it custom way.

Looks like your connection to OgreFest | Black Desert Online Private Server was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.