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will you update with changing evasion?
when will the rebalance stop, do you install the patch?
is it worth waiting for the kafrasy, and will their numbers be changed for things?
how are things with fixing the mobs (monsters) so that they do not fall under the ground? Will not we start with this problem in a new location?
when will pegasus?

thanks for the server!

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I hope all will be repaired and coped) and there will be a full game

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the same problem, something hits me and the character lays down arms
"Helms Post Golems"

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indeed, because of this problem there are many other problems in the gameplay

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completely agree with the author that it is necessary to patch all known holes and problems, I can not invite players to the server with problems, see their inconvenience in the game will be on my conscience

And actually about what I would like to see:

  • The maids
  • Correctly working pets and workers
  • Reset sharpening from 15 to 14
  • Dregan, fairy
  • Stones of kafras
  • that the monsters did not fall through the earth

perhaps there are still a number of problems that I forgot to write about, but this is all that is needed for a comfortable game, in my opinion,

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oh I izvenyayus, really they can be used, but I did not teach them

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I have not learned 1 skill from rabama, all the necessary skills for them are learned, but I can not learn the skills myself

I can not learn rabama skills, everything you need to learn them

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I learned the necessary skills, but I can not learn rabama skills

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