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I constantly write under the skeleton post associated with crafts, that they say the admins mend you the handicraft part of the game, craft, collection, workers, costumes for pearls, etc.
here it is worthwhile to understand that development is fast-tracked, but what to do next? I want to do crafts, but nothing works there

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  1. when will be added
    and how will it be implemented?
  2. Does Kutum’s weapon work?
  3. why I will be future with 239 attacks and +20 kutum I do not pull anacreon?
  4. when will we see fully functioning crafts?
  5. when the maids will work without delay? I can not throw a 5000 scam 5000 for 500, you fold 500 and wait 20 seconds, then you throw off another 500
    as a result there is no sense in a large number of maid-servants if they do not function as they should, no matter where they throw off, the main thing is that there should be no delays between the first and second
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Still I want to notice that it is impossible to put 5000 krafts, only 1, I’m fixing this here, and you can fix the workers already

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is there any point in trading with standard pack prices? although it certainly does not make sense without the maid costume
could make x2 for packs, well, just do it at your discretion

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how is it not connected? if I can not handle the tree and ore normally through the costume from the store, if the workers do not work normally, what do we get? there is no possibility to process the reruns normally, the workers do not extract resources normally = there is no possibility to sharpen alchemical stones

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I just want normal working crafts and all that’s relevant, I’ll repeat the normally functioning lifeskilling

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I’m against any new system of alchemical skills, better do the normal functioning of the workers / maid costumes / culinary costume

I am for completely normal work lifeskilling

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you updated the class rebalance, but did not do it waiting for the monsters
we all want to farm the montres, but we can not do this, they are very strong, my manharas are pierced by my 279 defa, and there is also an anacreon and a hysteria that also want to farm
you could and put a rebalance of evasion
meaning in class rebalancing without any other re-balances?
I ask you to put the latest updates for monsters, spot, and a new system of protection and evasion

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