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This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you are bound when registering or connecting to OgreFest services.

I. Code of Conduct
The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behavior is expected of you and what behavior you can expect from other users both in-game and on the forum.
Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address the manner of offensive behavior.

While using any OgreFest service, you will encounter a large number of users who share different experiences and come from different backgrounds. While certain language and images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that the same language and images may have a completely different effect on someone else.

All users on OgreFest must agree to these rules. Violations will lead to the corresponding suspension on the players in-game or forum account.

A. Naming policy
when choosing a character name, creating a guild, or otherwise creating a label that can be seen by other users using the Game or the service, you must abide by the guidelines set forth here, as well as rules of common decency.

If OgreFest staff finds such a label to be offensive or inappropriate, it may, in it’s sole and absolute discretion, change the name, remove the label and corresponding chat room, and/or suspend or terminate your use of service. Guilds which violate the policy will be deleted with or without a warning.

You may not create a name or label related, referring, incorporates or utilizes any of the following: Religion, Politics, Organizations; Nationality, Racism, Ethics; Harassment or Defamation, Obscenity, Vulgarity, Insults; Sexually explicit, Violence; Hateful, Drugs, Unlawful; Staff member or any staff oriented name; Incomprehensible.

B. Interacting with players and staff
Communicating in-game with other users and staff members, whether by text or any other method, it is a fundamental element of the Game. The following rules are not intended to be exhaustive. OgreFest staff may use their discretion to decide what may break these rules.

When communicating with other users and staff you may not: Communicate any unlawful, obscene, harassment, racist or any such language, and/or imagery deemed inappropriate by OgreFest staff; Disrupt any feature of the Game, and/or any component thereof in a manner that is deemed negatively on other users including but not limited to, sending junk messages, repeated unsolicited messages, sending advertisement, and/or services for goods or services originating outside the Game; Participate in any action that, in the sole and absolute discretion of OgreFest staff, results or may result in a player being “scammed” or defrauded out of currency or any other items the user has earned; Advertise or operate services in-game and/or on the forum which in the sole discretion of OgreFest staff is considered a casino and/or gambling; Impersonate any user, including without limitation any “game master” or any other OgreFest staff member; Communicate, post and/or direct users to information regarding a user’s or staff members identity and/or personal information; Lie to, or attempt to deceive OgreFest staff

C. Gameplay

a). Player versus Player
The OgreFest staff recognizes all play styles to be valid and a part of the game and not harassment unless the harassment exceeds normal expectations. Killing players of your opposing faction, including camping players at spawn locations are considered a part of the Game.

You should always remember to protect yourself in areas where the players can attack you.

b.) Streaming

Streaming on any service is allowed, however, we encourage you to research TOU of the streaming service you intend to use in order to protect your streaming account.

c) Certain behaviour goes beyond what is considered fair and is considered a violation of this agreement. This behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following: Using, or exploiting errors in design, features, and/or bugs to gain access that is otherwise not available, to facilitate and/or grant you an advantage over other players; Intentionally not participating in Red-Battlefield, Arsha’s Spear, and/or other matchmaking arenas.

D. Forum
OgreFest can’t allow all kinds of discussion on the forum. The forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss ideas, give game play advice, role-play and converse about any other aspect with other players.

Forums work best when participants treat their fellow users with respect, courtesy and common decency. Therefore, please be civilized when participating. OgreFest staff needs to be able to read everything you post to ensure it abides by this agreement.

Posts not in their specific language sections (Global is used English and Brazil is used ether Portuguese or Espanol languages) are subject to deleted.

OgreFest staff reserves the right to delete, move or edit any post with or without warning nor explanation to the user. In the extreme cases, OgreFest staff may limit or block the form access from a user.

II. Account information
OgreFest staff will never ask for your account details or share any confidential information. For the safety of your account, never share any of your account information, such as email addresses, account names, and/or passwords.

A. Account security
The account owner is responsible for the security of the account and that it’s sufficiently protected. Note that OgreFest staff does not recover hacked accounts. You should: Never share your account information; Have unique and complex password; Connect yourself from a secure computer and network; Never download unsafe files that might contain viruses/malware; Never use the same credentials (username and password) on another service.

B. Account sharing/trading
You may not purchase, sell, gift, share, lend or trade any account or offer to purchase, sell, gift, share, lend or trade any account.

Any such attempt will result in immediate account closure.

III. Staff assistance
We do understand that a player who’s contacting the OgreFest staff might be upset over an issue they experienced within the Game, however, the use of vulgar, abusive or disrespectful language towards staff members is unnecessary, inappropriate and unproductive.

Players who engage in this behavior will be told to stop, if they continue, a suspension may be placed on the account. A staff member will never ask you anything that would compromise an account or it’s personal information.

OgreFest staff ill makes sure every attempt to show you the respect you deserve. We ask that you show us the same respect. We take no joy in placing suspensions on an account but must do so in accordance with this agreement.

A. Forum assistance
Please direct all help requests, related questions to the support section on the forum.

B. Staff member interaction
Time spent processing issues that have already been answered keeps the OgreFest staff from addressing another user’s pressing issues. If a single player repeatedly creates abusive or multiple questions and/or reports regarding the same closed issue, or otherwise misuse the respective system, they will be asked to stop, and if ignored, they will receive a suspension on their account.

Any attempt to bribe an OgreFest staff member will result in an immediate suspension being placed on the account.

OgreFest reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to change, modify, add to, supplement or delete, at any time, any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Effective with or without prior notice to you.

IV. Suspension
Any suspensions or warnings set on an account are taken into consideration should the account be found in violation of TOU. Throw-away accounts in violation of the rules are always permanently banned. Some suspensions can be applied without previous warning. This will depend on its seriousness.

A. Warning
For minor infringements, a warning is first given to inform a player about the rules and warn him about a future suspension.

Warnings remain on the player’s record.

Warning can be given for the following reasons: Spam; AFK in matchmaking arenas; Player harassment; Racist or offensive sentiments; Abuse of assistance system (forum, discord and/or in-game); Lack of respect towards the server or the staff members; Multiboxing; Any attempt to bribe a staff member; Not speaking allowed language in public channels (Language allowance can be checked in previous sections of TOU).

B. Mute or temporary account suspension
This sanction can last anywhere from 1 hour to 1 month, depending on severity, and is given for repeated violation of the rules, or for any of the following: Scamming; Lying to, or attempting to deceive OgreFest staff; Abuse of in-game bugs;

C. Permanent ban
The most serious suspension. This suspension is applied in case of multiple violations of the rules, or after multiple account interruptions, as well as any of the following: Scamming; Hacking; Using any means of botting or 3rd party software to gain a unfair advantage; Any client modification; Revealing the identity of an OgreFest member; Advertising; Selling/Buying player names; Abuse of major in-game bugs; Staff impersonation

OgreFest reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to increase a sanction, suspend or terminate your use of the service at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without prior notice to you.

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Greetings, Adventures!

We would like to bring you a long overdue player fanart event. This event will start October 8th and continue to October 21st It will be based on a 1st - 3rd place ranking system and the winner will be chosen by the staff. During this event, you are to submit your created picture along with a short paragraph on the inspiration behind the image (BDO related content). Only one submission will be accepted from each player. We look forward to seeing your digital artwork. The rules for this event follows the ToS breaking them could result in immediate suspension of your account.

1st place:

  • Dandelion Weapon Box
    alt text

  • Pearls Box - 1500+125 x2
    alt text

  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text

  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle

  • Gold Ingot 100G x3

2nd Place:

  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text

  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle

  • Gold Ingot 100G x2

  • 1000 Pearls

3rd Place:

  • Gold Ingot 100G x2

  • 500 Pearls

Have fun all!

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I found out new players having troubles gearing up, so I made this small Guide. Enjoy

Gears (Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Shoes) :

  • After doing some storyline questing (check out your quests log suggestions), you might get some Dobart Gears :

Dobart Helmet

DP: 9
Weight: 17.50 LT

As for me I still go by Agerian Set (Helmet/Armor/Gloves) & Talis Shoes. (idc about grunil :P)

Weapon :

  • After reaching Lvl 45, rent a Kaia Weapon (e.g.: Kaia Longbow) from Kanobas at Calpheon for 50 CP. ;)
  • It will be more useful than the Ultimate Styd Weapon (e.g.: Ultimate Styd Longbow) or the Ultimate Basteer Weapon (e.g.: Ultimate Basteer Longbow) you obtain from questing.
    Notice how idc about enhancing Yuria Weapons. :P

Secondary Weapon :

  • Looting an AP Focused Secondary Weapon can be troublesome, check them out on the Market or play Amity Game with Ornella at Heidel to buy them.


Accessories :

  • Rings/Earrings, Go check out the market and start with Bares Ring/Earring and go for Blue/Red Coral Ring/Earring or Witch Earring/Mark Of Shadow later by grinding.
  • Belt/Necklace, Go check out the market and start with Bares Necklace/Belt and go for Ogre/Scarla/Shultz Necklace and Basilisk/Tree Spirit/Shultz Belt later by grinding.

Black Stones :

  • For starters you got some really nice questing suggestions that gives you a bunch of BS :


Hope you’ll enjoy the game like I do. ;)
Have fun & God Bless.

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The recent problem has been fixed, everyone.

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I would like to congratulate the winners of the Player Fanart contest! with the following placements

1st: jessym

2nd: sleppu

3rd: Vitantor

Congrats! Great job everyone!

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I want to thank everyone for entering the contest. We will review the submitted photos over the next few days and will be back with the results! Have fun everyone!

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I would like to see attendance rewards on OgreFest. Hopefully, we can figure a way to develop that feature. For now i will make a card for it to see if its possible :D

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We are aware of the problem, Please give us time to look for a fix.

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We have started to get a number of users who want to return to OgreFest with the new leadership take over. This means we will have to review bans given out by the previous staff.

By submitting this one-time only ticket here, you aknowledge that you are disclosing the full truth and any evidence to your claim within this post. If found out or to be believed that you are falsifying information, your account will be moved to the indefinite ban list and will not be recovered. You only have one chance at appealing a ban, if it fails to go through you may not submit another one.

Within the post please include the following info:

Discord ban / In-game ban (Specify then fill out available info)

  • Family name:
  • Main character name:
  • Reason for ban: (needs to be as descriptive as possible please include as much info as possible)
  • Evidence for ban
  • Evidence against the ban
  • Reason wanting to be unbanned

※ There is a lot of info required for a ban appeal to be considered for acceptance. If you love your account enough and regret your decisions, you will do everything in your power to get it back.

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Also, try to create a folder name Black Desert Online then point to it.

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When comparing rates to the Official server, The official server rates would be considered base 0 or even 1 if you may.

So that would mean since ours are x<#> this would mean we got as close to base Official rates as possible then bumped it by that much.

As of now, Official has updated its rates to allow for easier leveling, this is why it looks like growth here is slower. That would be true if we were to keep the rates the same.

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100 - 200 players on daily

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Hey everyone! Here we have a little update for the launcher.

  • Fixed downloader port mapping.
  • Fixed some crashes when starting the download.
  • Improved downloader state detection.
  • Damage meter control is currently disabled.
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@sophia616 Yes you will need to redownload the client. But it’s a lot smaller.

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@hisoka12 Join us on discord for the solutions to any problems regarding the update

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Hello, Tkmisere,

Kicking has been “disabled” until we can get it to work properly.

I agree with the legendary beast power Super Armour not working sometimes, May be due to latency or some underlying issues.

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Forum Rules - Disclaimers And Our General Warning

The following guidelines and rules do not cover our Terms of Service.

Violation of any policy listed below will result in an infraction, which may lead to a forum ban. Game bans and Forum bans might translate, depending on the severity of the situation. Using the OgreFest Forums is a privilege, not a right. Behave accordingly, and remember to take a step back before you post; Proofread and double check your message, as posting it might have consequences. We don’t expect saintly behaviour; we do expect you to act mature.


  • We operate under a Zero Tolerance policy on our forums. Penalties (such as bans) are issued based on user offense and severity. They may be extended if staff of higher rankings deem it necessary.


  • To report a player for breaking the forum rules, send a private message to any Forum Moderator. To report hackers, open a ticket in-game.

  • Do not open a new thread to whine about hackers, exploiters, bugs, staff, etc. The forum is a place for people to discuss game-related content and report bugs, not one for inarticulate rants.

  • Please report bugs exclusively in the appropriate subcategory in the Bug Reports section of the forum - Do not report them anywhere else.


  1. No discriminatory, derogatory, and/or disparaging behavior or comments. Just be considerate and polite.

  2. Do Not Avoid the Language Filters: This encompasses changing or removing letters, adding symbols or spaces, or anything that will cause the word to not be replaced by asterisks. Any attempt at copying the alert or circumventing the filter will not be tolerated.

  1. No Advertising or Solicitation: We do not allow other businesses to operate on OgreFest because we find their methods often break our terms; This is not the same as advertising for guilds or group projects that involve in-game gold which is permitted. Any unauthorized transactions between OgreFest and any other game or any trades between OgreFest goods and any currency, including but not limited to real money, items or services, are strictly forbidden.

  2. No Inappropriate Material: No links, images, videos (including profile pictures or signatures) that might display content which is generally considered to be NSFW (included, but not limited to excessive violence, gore or adult-oriented content). Gif avatars are also strictly forbidden. Infractions for this offense will result in a ban.

  3. No Threads for Staff Attention: If you need to talk to the staff, you are to use proper methods. Sending us a private message on Discord is strongly advised. For suggestions, complaints or bug reports, please make use of the proper sub-forums.

  4. Do Not Report Player Abuse on the Forums: Please report players by sending a message to a Game Master on Discord. Make sure to provide enough validating evidence!

  5. The developers and the QA team do not look for bugs on the forums.

  6. Do Not Disrespect the Staff or the Server: Doing so is against our policy. It will be tolerated under no circumstances. Posts or topics that directly go against any staff member or OgreFest, including questioning their professionalism or values, will entail an immediate account suspension. The staff do not claim to be infallible or perfect; we do take offense for being called negligent or other unjustified names.
    Impersonating staff members goes against our rules as well, and thus shall not be tolerated.

  7. No Spamming: Do not spam threads or messages more than once. Cross-posting, necro-posting, thwarting or derailing discussions and provocation also apply here.

  8. No Real-World Trade: Any attempts to sell any items, accounts, or information for real-world money will result in a swift and permanent ban.

  9. No Drama: The forums are not a place for you to whine, complain, insult, show off, or harass other players or the staff of OgreFest. Topics that do so will be deleted, and the authors will receive an infraction. If you have an articulate, well thought out and evidence-supported claim, that is one thing; If you just want to complain, it will not be tolerated here.

  10. No Posting in the Wrong Section: Forums are divided into specific subcategories for a more facile use. Please double check that you are posting in the right sub-forum.

  11. No Posting on Alternate Accounts While Being Banned: Players who are banned from the forums may not make posts on alternate accounts. This will result in an immediate and permanent account and IP ban.

Team’s Discretion

Moderators and Game Masters, both in-game and on the forums, are given a large degree of autonomy. They have the freedom to ban or delete things as they see fit if they feel the content in cause is deemed unsuitable for the forums and/or is not covered by previously stated rules.

OgreFest’s rules are subject to change at any time, with or without prior notice. It’s advisable to check up on them once in awhile.

We hope you enjoy your time on OgreFest, Adventures!

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Hello, Everyone,

We have found a bug that causes players to disconnect when staying inside the character creation screen too long. Until this issue is resolved, You can avoid it by quickly creating your character and editing later when the bug is fixed.

Regards, GM_LoliMittens

Looks like your connection to OgreFest | Black Desert Online Private Server was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.