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Since the Patch 5.0 released, I think there would be some minor problems fixed, but they aren’t (I don’t see they are mentioned in the Patch Note). The visual problems of pet’s hunger bar and worker’s action bar need to be fixed. It is so inconvenient when I want to feed my pets but I don’t know how much I’ve done and their hunger levels just drop drastically to 0 in a couple minutes. It also hits the alert on the pet icon which make me feel a little doubtful about whether they are collecting or not. With worker problem, I’m fine with that because even I see that their bars somehow don’t increase, I know they are still on their work. LOL!

Please fix both of them, I think it is necessary.

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Thank you for the Relic Shards. I didn’t know that making a cross is like that. Just thought of it like the cross will appear when they are together. LOL.

For the weight effect of my set, pretty sure it is a bug. I did wear the belt correctly. Moreover, it says 5 pieces of the set is enough, and having the belt or not, it already 5 pieces. The belt is the 6th.

5_1525240692118_2018-05-02_129015134.JPG 4_1525240692118_2018-05-02_128995027.JPG 3_1525240692118_2018-05-02_128993340.JPG 2_1525240692118_2018-05-02_128991760.JPG

You could see in the picture, when I fully wear all of them, it is 553LT. When I take off 3 of them, it still maintains. Pretty sure that I’m wearing the whole Root Treant’s Set.

I’m not sure but I think there is a problem with the value pack too. I noticed that there was a big change in my inventory slots and the weight limit as I described in the first post.

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Family Name: LunaCross
Main Character’s Name: LunaCroft

Report about Ancient Relic Shards

I put them together but it doesn’t appear the cross [+] to combine them.

Moreover, I also have problem with weight and inventory slots. I don’t know which number is the right one because yesterday, before my first value pack expired, my weight was up to 635, but today it decreased as in the picture. Also, because I’m using Root Treant’s set of accessory, 5 pieces will give me 100 LT adding to my total weight. However, when I recognized the change in my weight after my first value pack expired (of course I’m using another one), I removed 1 piece of the set and the weight didn’t change at all.

One more thing is about the pet food and feeding it. I haven’t recorded a video to show what I’m gonna say yet. The problem is I summoned 5 pets, when their hunger bars go down (to 0) I feed them. The first one is fine, but when I feed the second one, the first one’s hunger level goes down as the second one increase. It happens the same way one the rest of them. After fully feeding the fifth one, I feed the first one again and it increases up to almost full. I thought it was an error of display, but my first and second pets’ hunger bar go down so fast. It also put an alert on the pet icon to let me feed them again.

Finally, workers. When I give the beer, they cannot receive them sometimes even though their action points are low. Sometimes, another situation happens is that when I recover them, my beers lost as their action points go up. However, when they go up to half the bar, they return to 0 and I still lose my beers. I think it is a display error, but hope you guys check it.

Thank you!

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The donation is closed. They want you to actively play to get Pearls.

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Someone knows when the donation will be reopen or never?
By the way, why the exchange rate from ogrecash to pearls is so low? It’s just like official server

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