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I noticed right after the Mystic/Lahn update that there were quests from the Black Spirit that gave blue or green grade equipment and accessories which could be upgraded later using items the Black Spirit gave the player. After the following maintenance after that, the quests pretty much disappeared. I am curious. Are these going to be re implemented into Ogrefest or are they going to stay gone? Thanks in advance.

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If you still have a horse with that char, check it into a stable. That should solve it.

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The serendian soldier outfit for Mystic equips to the main equip slots rather than the costume slot and de equips all main armor (except accessories). I have yet to see if this bug is happening on Striker or Lahn.

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I also noticed this. Especially with the level 49-50 Qoobe boss quest being almost impossible to solo due to surrounding mobs swarming the player.

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I am wanting to see if it is possible to tweak this. The summon location for Qoobe currently is on an island with a very large group of Catfishman enemies. Due to this, it is very difficult to solo the boss without dying at least once due to mobs swarming the player and in some cases requires partying with other players to complete it. Is it possible to change the summon location to make getting through this particular quest less difficult (and frustrating) for players?

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Anyone else having a problem with this? I noticed (after afk training horses multiple times) that the game disconnects after afk’ing for about 3-4 hours (sometimes 4.5 hours). I am using a wired Ethernet connection and have no Internet disconnect issues. Is it the game itself or is there something I need to fix on my end? Suggestions as to what to look at are very welcome. Thanks in advance.

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