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It seems like there is a bug where strikers cannot open outfit boxes that they bought from the cash shop.
Please help.

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A status update on the rework and warning on all changes BEFORE they happen unless it is a hotfix for a game breaking bug or exploit should be a standard practice for Developers so that trust can be maintained between Dev and Player. As for world boss PKers, this game is open world PvP, and as such you should always fear the worst when encountering others especially at boss fights. This PKing has been happening for a while and the fact that people are still surprised and salty about it doesn’t make sense. You still get the loot from the world boss, even if you died. The 200% XP boost was meant as a catch-up mechanic as the levels are exponentially more XP to level up.

Sorry for the small rant on pking as this has nothing to do with the XP boosts leaving.


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i’d start saving pearls to get inventory space on all warehouses

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As many of you know already, the pearl inventory is account based, letting you purchase weight on one character and using said weight purchases on another character. This lets you get a large amount of weight on one character, making life easier. @Salvation has posted on bug reports that this is an exploit. If it is an exploit and not intended, I would like to petition that this feature remain in the game, allowing everyone to increase their weight capacity to the desired limit. This helps the server as it would increase pearl donations therefore helping the server stay afloat, as well as making life easier for all players on this server.

A lot of players have increased weight and if this feature were removed, it would negatively impact the server as a whole. The price of 1LT is 2.2 pearls at the cheapest, which takes a lot of time to accumulate. Older players who have been loyal to the server for a long time would be negatively impacted the most. Please consider this petition to keep the weight limit feature in the game.

Thank you.

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sharp and hard shard increase would be better

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Hey, I was wondering if we could look into making the Gathering and Farming incentives a bit higher so people will try to get more resources into the marketplace for everyone to use. Increase the drop rate of sharps and hard mainly so that instead of only bosses being the main attraction for those shards, the life-skillers can also have a good chance of getting decent drops as well.

Let me know in the comments your own ideas on this topic, such as % of drop increase or if other drops should be added into the pool of drops for gathering and farming, such as parts for training horses for T9 awakening or something… Anyways post on the comments your ideas is what i’m getting at.


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Another suggestion I forgot to mention was Pets should get a higher chance to learn skills. I have a t4 pet with 0 skills and it hurts not being able to have those t4 skills on it. If this could get looked at, that would be awesome!

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