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Try deleting these files in your Cache folder for OgreFest. They should refresh and create new files once you start up the game again.
If that doesn’t fix it, then the item might not even work at all.

(You can see above my highlighted files I made a Backup file just in-case my game got corrupted, but it never did so you probably don’t have to make one like I did)

alt text

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  • No level requirement, but recommended to have at least 1 character over level 59.
  • GS req: 470+ (Can have less gs if you have the skill to compensate for it).
  • Must be able to understand English.
  • PvP Focus guild

Come join Sengoku today!

Become one of many Samurai that have chosen the path of victory and honor. In joining Sengoku, you are able to reap the benefits of

  • +5 Accuracy
  • +5 AP
  • +100 HP
  • +5 Damage Reduction

We have a growing discord server private strictly for Sengoku members only. (With the exception of certain VIP)
We also have plenty of skilled members, ready and willing to teach you what you need to be efficient in PvP. Both in GS compensation tactics, and in battle theory to overthrow your opponent when being overwhelmed.


  1. Please understand that Sengoku is a PvP focus guild, that is extremely prone to being pk’d by anyone, at any given time. Wars between guilds are inevitable and should be expected.

  2. Players who leave Sengoku without notice will be listed to other Sengoku members to be KILLED ON SIGHT. This also goes for players who leave to join another Guild, regardless of rival or ally.

  3. Joining Sengoku DOES NOT give you a Kill Anyone and get away with it card, expect your own Karma to come around.

The Sengoku Creed:
Kill with reason, kill in silence.

If interested in joining Sengoku after having read all of the above, please complete 1 of 2 available options.

  1. If applying through here on the forums, please list your application as follows: (Also please do not forget to @ my Forum Name)
    Main Character Level:
    Family Name:
    Main Character Name:
    Length of Experienced BDO Gameplay:
    Reason for wanting to join: (At least 3 sentences)

  2. If applying through in-game means. Please Whisper 1 of the two Officers of Sengoku: Austinator or Cassiel
    If none of the officers can be contacted, or does not reply after 1 hour. Feel free to call for me in Server chat @ Kinugawa.
    Please note that if applying through in-game, you still have to include your Main Character level, GS, and length of experience in bdo (both retail & OgreFest).

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@kenshin210 I think you can only renew a contract for a guild member after it has expired. There’s also a bug in which when a new player joins the guild, you have to relog to properly see them in the guild list. Otherwise they show as level 1234, or sometimes 0.

Also that when a player joins a guild, their contract expires immediately.

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@trinciapolli Best you just try the server out yourself. Everyone’s going to have a different opinion, some more biased than others due to certain factors. But if you’re looking for at least 1 opinion, when I was playing retail regularly, I played OgreFest for 1 day to try it out. Then never went back to retail again. :clap:

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In recent friendly duels, a player and I had noticed that I wasn’t being grabbed while I was bound (Or grounded). We took a closer look at it, and apparently players are Immune to Lahn’s grab
Soul Raid Skill ID: 3292.

This was tested against Ninja and Berserker, I’m sure this would also go the same for every other class.

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@pomidorich For future reference, I suggest always buying outfit pieces individually as you’ll never get them bugged since you get the piece outside of a box. Any outfit box you see, other than the common stuff like Karki, Camo outfits, Canapae, etc. Will likely not be able to be opened.

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As of 7/1/2018, I can most definitely confirm that something broke AGAIN with bheg for him to literally have unlimited range. I was able to go as far as the Lynch Farm Ruins node manager and still get insta killed by bheg.

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@blackogre Pets do in fact pickup pearl boxes. I hate having them on when I grind for exp bc of all the trash I pickup, but it’s best to have them out because they do pickup pearl boxes.

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