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I bought 5 Serendia Stable Expansion Slots in the pearl shop, used all of them and my stable slot count hasn’t changed but the item was used and is gone and so are the pearls I used to buy them.

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So whenever I check in any of my horses into any stable, their health shows as going down drastically but goes back up to normal when I take them back out. This is causing me to not be able to use the “recover” feature in the stable. I also can’t breed my horses, I registered my male horse on the market (visible to me only) and when I go to breed him, I get a prompt asking me “Do you want to breed this horse?” I select ok, the prompt goes away, and nothing happens.

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Will we see the stable slot expansions or value packs in the pearl shop? Those are the two most useful items to me I think.

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Sorry about that, I will post there next time if I have another issue like this. It was a problem with AVG, I ended up just switching to Avast and putting it in passive mode and that solved the issue. Thanks Roku.

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I manually added this file to the exceptions list and set it to run as admin. Nothing I do will let me run the program because its being flagged as a virus.

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Every time I try to download from the launcher, I get an error that just says it can’t download it because the files contain a virus. I’ve added it to my exceptions list already, I’m not sure what else I need to do.

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