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@Fatality We’ll do some more digging to make sure the algorithms are ideal for the Ogrefest Community soon. I know that immediately one of our biggest priorities at the moment is fixing AI. It is such an impactful part of the game. Nonetheless, we’ll knock them out one by one :dagger:

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I, for one, am excited :)

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Hey fellas! @andramelech @Fatality

We’re looking into this, and we’ll have some more input on it in the coming few days.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Greetings Ogrefest Community!

I am happy to announce, this will be the beginning of a monthly news recap, detailing everything we are working towards. This last month has been hectic. We’ve had some serious growing to do as a team to be able to meet our long-term goals for this project. We had to cut some members of the project who took on the project for the wrong reasons. Now we’re tasked with building our team up. We’re not there yet, but we’ve been working arduously to establish systems and communication for development. All that being said, today we finally are able to share some of our work with you. Let’s jump into it!

New Forums

He held an impromptu poll to allow the community to decide between two forum mediums for us. We have integrated the new forums with the in-game account login and after the website maintenance we saw earlier today, you are now looking at the results of your votes. Thanks to everyone who voted! These new forums are modern, sleek and will be a great community platform moving forward. We’d love to hear your suggestions on how we could improve it further in the comments

The New Launcher


In addition to the new forum, we have released a new launcher. Here are some of the features it includes:

  • Announcement Feed
  • Client Repair
  • Patch Notes

This should help everyone get in-game much easier with fewer errors along the way! You can download the launcher here

Moving Forward

Expanding Our Team

The core of our game plan for OgreFest moving forward will be rooted in assembling a skilled, passionate, and results-oriented team (this is my job). This is no small task, but we firmly believe the project will flourish with the right people all working together behind the scenes. We will be releasing various applications during the month of September, encompassing the variety of personalities we would like to add to our team.

Proper Bug-Tracker

We intend to implement a streamlined community-focused bugtracker in the near future.

  • Thumbs Up/Down Feature for players to prioritize what they want fixed first.
  • Search Bar to search keywords
  • Priority/Type sorting
  • Simplified/Streamlined for player contribution

Full Core Rewrite

With this expansion of the team, we have some larger scale projects in the preliminary stages. One of those projects is to actually rewrite the core in a more relevant, stronger language that will sustain over the long term. This is ways off, but we wanted to share what we have going on, and what it means for the community as a whole.

The Core is currently written in Java

  • Features that are tangible have been limited for this reason
  • It is a bottleneck of sorts to development

We plan to rewrite in C++/Lua

  • Allows us to put out more polished features/content faster
  • Long-term stability
  • Ability to create new features
  • Less Latency/Delay

Better Use of Social Platforms

In the coming months, we’ll be giving much more attention to our social media platforms, so make sure to get connected with us here:


We’re really eager to begin this new chapter of open communication and progress with the Ogrefest Community, we hope to see you all in game!

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