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@xa7nys I tried whispering you ingame, but it says you’re offline, so I sent you a friend request

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[Guild Name] BlackSun [ENG]

[Level Req] No level requirements

[Gear Score req] No gear score requirements, play how you like to play

[Language] English

[PvP, PvE or PvX] PvX, while mainly focusing on PvE content with splashes of PvP

[Quick Guild Description]
BlackSun has just opened up for all. New to the server, but been playing BDO since beta testing, on and off.
Aims of the guild is to explore all there is to explore ingame

Looking for active players, but anyone is welcome as long as you are an active member of the guild.

It hasn’t been made at the time of this posting, but there will be a discord available.

If interested in joining, feel free to send me a message here,
ingame @ family name StormDragn

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