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Canape Outfit Set Effect Doesn’t Work


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I completed crafting and it got stuck, did not receive the item.

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Hey, in the other Merv Palette thread you said this.

“You can get your colors back by either buying a new Merv’s Palette or by purchasing a Value Package which contains a Merv’s Palette inside.”

Oddly enough OgreFest’s Value Pack has the merv palette in tooltip but it’s disabled.
Vipertoy also had a VP active and the colors reverted, ensuring that that method doesn’t work.
So can only keep Merv dyes if a Merv is continuously active.

Essentially, Value Pack fix when?

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It doesnt bother me much but the shoulder and legs are invisible when equipped @Lahn .

Nvm it fixed itself.

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They’re suppose to replace the previous grades in less numbers.

So for beer, the recipe requires 5 white grade cereals.
2-3 green grade cereals should be able to replace the 5 grade.
and 1 blue grade should do the same also.

It doesn’t work as so.

The recipe requires 5 blue/green/white grade to succeed.

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I have enough lodging in Heidel to house 16 workers, but cannot go over 12.

The Work Supervisor says I have 4 spaces left for workers, and I am allowed to buy more but they’re never added into my pool.

Each attempt to buy a worker removes the silver from storage.
Unsure if it happens in other cities.

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Believe you’re awarded about 10% of the rate advertised.

Just earned 400k for a 4m horse.

Should be 100%, no taxes.

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8 months later and this is still a problem.
Please resolve.

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NPC is required for Kama 2 Quest line, please resolve.

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