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Thank you. I’ll try it when I can.

Edit: It doesn’t work. Even tried on a different PC but the horse is still the same thing. It’s most probably something caused by the Item in the end. Would love a response for that because the horse looks awful now compared to the original.

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I don’t believe that’s exactly related to the Item, but it happened right afterwards, so after using a Horse Appearence Change Coupon to change it to it’s original appearence the game doesn’t show the actual color of the horse. On the Stable it shows the correct one but when we take out the horse, it looks nothing like it.

Here are some pictures (The correct one is the white one, as you can see on the preview)
1_1531706725486_Glitch.jpg 0_1531706725486_Correct one.jpg

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Sorry for being late. Was waiting for her to come back from work (she was filming so…)
But now that kidopitz27 said that, I think we have an answer.

So, nothing to be done then. Good thing it wasn’t even that expensive. And what about the other ones? Was about to buy one to change the appearance (of the horse) but now I’m a little worried.

Thanks to both of you, by the way.

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Well, last time she tried was 24 hours ago and nothing changed on the horse, so I assume it didn’t work. But I’ll double check.

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When I click on “train all skills” at the NPC, I get asked if I want to use the item so I just press ENTER, except nothing happens afterwards. Don’t really know if it’s a problem with the coupon or the NPC as a whole but it happens at multiples NPCs (at least the ones in Calpheon)

(It’s happening on my GF account, so I’ll link her name here. No, she doesn’t speak english, that’s why I’m here.)

Family Name: Tsukiyama
Main Character Name: Cian
Discord Nick: Shrek#8855

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In the end, just like the way it started, it simply stopped by itself. And I didn’t need tor epair anything, it just… kinda gave up. Restarted again after like half an hour and it was gone.

Thanks for the reply.

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Few hours ago, maybe less, this weird error message started to pop up out of nowhere on my screen. If I click on it, the game simply closes, but if I just put it away, everything in the game stops working from animations, spawns, every NPC and player disappears. I have no ideia what this is and it started while I was playing (It was fine just before)

Ps: It happened three time already while I’m playing and my other two friends aren’t having this issue. I’ll update if it stops.


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The environment is just beautiful.

0_1530231469001_2018-06-28_46353679.JPG 0_1530231493398_2018-06-26_46838043.JPG 0_1530231582661_2018-06-26_46560649.JPG 0_1530231874316_2018-06-21_65433120.JPG0_1530293647291_2018-06-29_10788408.JPG

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