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Ehh, they all went under the map! :joy:

Will be looking into this.

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Issue fixed. Thank you for your report!

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Fix for the issue has been found. Will be pushing to live servers shortly after some tests.

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Hey, looking into the issue! We will do a server restart when we find a possible fix for this.

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Hey! We have focused today to fix some crucial issues with the questing and main story line that this patch should allow you to continue questing without an issue for now.

We will be running an event that should allow you to sync up with the changes that we made past weeks. We believe it has been difficult for all of us, due to the AI changes and we wanted to run this event to be able to compensate and mitigate the sad faces.

An EXP and Drop event will be enabled today starting with the maintenance and ending on Monday’s maintenance (4 UTC).

The experiences shall be increased as follows:

Rate increased Amount%
All kinds of drops 15%
Karma 50%
Horse training 50%
Combat 10%
Skill 10%
Life, Fitness 10%


  • Fixed a bug where some partial damage scaling rules would not be applied towards a monster.
  • Significantly reduced World Boss damage.
  • Fixed a ton of bugged escort (delivery) quests that would not be registered when actually completed.
  • Fixed a ton of NPC’s that would be stuck when player tries to interact with one.
  • Fixed some bugged quests that required to use workers for specific tasks.
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Fixed in Patch 1.8

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Fixed in Patch 1.9

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