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@hackerguy stronger. i’m a fucking vampire. had some respect, human

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You have 2 ways, Value pack (includes unlimited beauty salon) or apperance change yup :)

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This is a forum, to offer help, and u came here, to say smh… well, close this forum for god’s sake, had some respect for new players.

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Hola Me llamo Valerya, soy la GM de Bloodborne una guild que cree para jugar con amigos y pasarla bien leveando y demas, me pueden encontrar por nombre de familia PVRIS, y mi personaje es Vampirella, busco jugadores de cualquier nivel, q quieran pasarla bien, hacer scrolls, levear, estoy aprendiendo aun, vengo de otros mmos como skyforge y tera, por ende me costo aprender el ritmo de Black desert, pero estoy para ayudar y disfrutar de un bonito juego :3, si les interesa mandarme un pm a mi pj, suelo andar x epheria con los ensambles de los barquitos, un saludos a todos los hispanohablantes, y animarse a entrar a la guild de la vampiresa mas guay del server :'3 … muak adios!

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@thana it’s simple, high geared vs low geared: no chance for new players, if that’s ok for you, alright

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@blackximus woman, and a vampire countess my dear :)

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harassment of new players is allowed too? what’s the point of being overpowered, and pk low lvl players? go and play league of legends for that, at least YOU GONNA BE PLAYING WITH PPL OF YOUR SAME ELO. Just to be clear, many private servers in mmo’s have died by GM’s ignoring their suggestions, do a only PVE channel instead, or many players gonna left, also many donations, This server is cool, but some features are really disguting, like the boss pk, have a good weekend everyone.

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@firan-vermithrax or just ban Princess from the game… problem solved

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Before the latest patch (the 300mb one), i was able to run the game perfectly, but it seems like those trees (the animated pink ones) are causing ctd’s or performance issues, i tested the game in 2 pc’s, both with high end specs, and don’t know why those trees are causing me (and one of my friends) a lot of struggle, i guess the latest patch it’s killing the server, i have to report this guys, have good luck out there fixing those issues :)

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