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Hi, I’d like to join the guild

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Wow, thank you for writing in such a detail.

This will allow player to travel more and grind more actively and still have fun.
This is great idea.

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I’d like to suggest increasing the drop rates on pearls from mobs and lifeskilling. Maybe they can be like relics but a little less. I was grinding yesterday for an entire day and I only got 3 boxes of pearls. If it’s about money(donating for pearls) for the server, I understand. If it’s not, it’s a bit harsh especially for a casual player who doesn’t have the time to spend grinding 24/7. I know you can just afk, but I feel like the wait is a bit harsh. I left retail to join this server because it was way too stressful, hard, and expensive. And I’m just looking to relax and enjoy the game. I’m suggesting 30 pearl an hour.

-this is from user, YukiAiko, and I feel exactly same with him.

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